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Unless specified, made with Building 3’s unique espresso Blend, whole milk, hot or iced

   Smooth and bright with hints of Chocolate


    Espresso Con Panna
   A shot of espresso topped with a thick layer of sweet whipped cream


    Breve Bomb
   Cold half and half with a touch of your favorite flavor, layered with espresso


   Tangy espresso topped with hot water (great with a touch of half and half)


   Espresso mixed with steamed milk and topped with a silky smooth foam


   Strong Espresso filled halfway with steamed milk and finished to the top with silky foam


   Steamed milk topped with a layer of silky foam, marked with a layer of espresso on top


   Steamed half & half mixed with espresso, topped with a thin layer of silky thick foam


Seasonal Specials
Made with our signature homemade syrups and can be enjoyed iced or hot

    Pumpkin Pie Latte
   All the flavors of fall with fresh hints of pumpkin and subtle hints of fall spices

   Maple Cinnamon Brown Sugar Latte
   Maple and spicy undertones of cinnamon and brown sugar to warm you up inside

Steamed Syrup Crème
All syrup Crème beverages are caffeine free and are made with our home-made syrups

    Syrup Crème
   Steamed milk mixed with your favorite syrup and topped with a silky smooth foam


    Pumpkin pie crème
   All the pumpkin you love without the coffee


    Maple Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crème
   Fall flavors in a cup that won’t keep you awake for your Sunday afternoon nap


Hot Brew Coffee

    Red eye
   Our delicious house blend amped up with a shot of our signature espresso


    Café au lait
   Half way house blend, finished with steamed half & half topped with smooth silky foam


    Pour Over
   A better way to drink brewed coffee, the beans are ground in a way that allows the hot water to evenly extract all the rich flavor from the beans

Cold Brew Coffee  
   Signature Newsong Cold Brew
   Delicious and strong iced coffee, left to brew in cold water for 20 hours 


    Salted Caramel Cold Brew
   Cold brew, caramel syrup, topped with a thick layer of our house made salted cold foam

Signature Teas

    Iced Tea
   Brewed fresh, standard unsweetened, but can be sweetened with simple syrup


    Black Tea
   Brewed at proper temperature with excellent water, extracting all of the glorious flavors

Blended Coffee
Unless specified, all blended Coffees are made standard with whole milk and signature espresso

    Blended Coffee
   Blended to perfection, smooth, sweet, blended espresso with simple syrup


    Blended Caramel Coffee
   Smooth and sweet espresso blended with our caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream


Blended Beverages
Fun sweet and packed full of fun

    Rock out
   Energy drink, caffeinated, blended with ice, choice of classic, apple, or cranberry syrups.


    Blended Kids Frappes
   Caffeine Free Blended Frappes (Bubble Gum, Cookies & Cream)


Made with homemade oat milk, real ingredients, and protein. MAY CONTAIN NUTS

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana
   Raw peanut butter, dark chocolate, sweet banana, a healthy protein rich kick start!


    Very Berry
   Blended Mixed Berries, and banana, A healthy choice to get your daily dose of fruit!


Other beverages

    Italian soda
   a layered iced beverage, with soda water, choice of syrup and topped with half & half


    Caramel Apple Cider
   Brewed at proper temperature with excellent water, apple cider mix


    Hot Chocolate
   Made with choice of milk and chocolate syrup


    Brewed Coffee
   The Daily House Blend has notes of stone fruit, chocolate, and citrus. (free/self serve)


    Sugarcane Decaf
   Sugarcane processed with hints of Milk chocolate and caramel. (free/self serve)


    Hot Tea
   Hot water is available, and all of our hot tea is free and self-serve


(You can add any these to any of your drink)

Syrups - All of our syrups are made from scratch with real ingredients and no preservatives
(Simple Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Caramel, Almond, Brown Sugar,
Pumpkin Pie, Maple Cinnamon, Apple, and Cranberry)
Whipped Crème (Made in house)
Salted Foam (Made in house)
Whole Milk
Oat Milk (Made in house)
Half & Half
Heavy Whipping Crème
Sweet Cream


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